For more than 30 years, Beaudoin Concept has based its approach to landscaping on the defence of our environment to transform your surroundings in harmony with water

and nature essential for our serenity.

As a landscaper of water, soil and plants, Beaudoin Concept turns your gardens into a living pleasure area in the French Alps and beyond.


We master biological processes and aquatic eco systems and we create your biological pool or bathing pond,

which are both environment-friendly.

Beaudoin Concept encompass the full range, from the small stream to the pond, natural or japanese style, with a romantic atmosphere or the most modern design.

We fulfill your projects and desires in a natural setting which will be enhanced overtime


Creation of mineral gardens, wood or stone terraces, roof gardens, water riprap retention,

gabion baskets and/or groves, paths, ways, watercourses, not forgetting sprinklers, fences and lighting…


natural swimming pool

Construction of natural swimming pools


  • Construction of natural swimming pools
  • Bathes
  • Ponds
  • Pose de chapes
  • Installation of pipelines
  • All types of connections
  • Heating plant
  • Installation of reinforced PVC membranes
  • Pose de liners
  • Pose de coques
  • Installation des margelles


Traitement des eaux de bassins naturels


  • Filtres végétaux aquatiques
  • Pompes
  • Procédé d’épuration d’eau de baignade


Installation de chauffage de piscines


  • Pompes à chaleur
  • Pose de filtres de piscines


Rénovation et restauration


  • De systèmes de filtration
  • De piscines


Autres services


  • Mise aux normes de sécurité
  • Assistance technique
  • Vente de pièces détachées pour piscines
  • Maintenance
  • Plantation
  • Entretien
  • Arrosage intégré
  • Éclairage de jardins




Landscape creation

Landscape designer serving your landscaping for 30 years.

Our goal : to achieve a creation in harmony with your place,

your home and environment.

We support you from the start of your project, to make your garden

a place that meets your desires and that embellish with time.



Green roof

The green roof optimizes your quality of life respecting the environment.

The green roof : An ecological choice

To make the choice of a green roof, it’s an ecological commitment. Apart the aesthetical aspect, it’s also a symbiosis of natural elements which respect the environment and integrates in the landscape with a large variety of plants.

The variety of plants creates a real ecosystem very efficient regarding the consequences on environment.

Actually, plants on the roof are going to stock and evaporate rainwater. An ecological asset for your house.


We have seen that a green roof preserves the environment. This type of roof has a real capacity for a natural and phonic thermal insulation.

Thanks to it’s structure and plants, it’s going to protect your house from extreme cold and bad weather.

This roof has a real positive impact on your living space confort.

Morever, it’s important to mention the economic energy aspects thanks to it’s thermal insulation properties and can substitute to air conditioners and other heating solutions.

Whenever you live in the country or in the city, the plant variety of your roof will assure you yo be in perfect harmony with your surroundings and living environment.


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